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  • Crystal Takes a Cumshot to the Chin for Cash

    If ever there's a place to find finally struggling couples, it's the local fast food establishments. Jimmy and I camped out at a McDonalds to see if we could find such a pair that we could approach with our sexually explicit but financially rewarding proposal. Jeff and Crystal had just walked out with some food and seemed like the perfect candidates. They were both young struggling students and Crystal was a bubbly cute little thing. She was definitely the type to go for fucking me on camera for some bucks to at least eat at a decent restaurant once in a while. When Jimmy made the offer, Jeff had a fit and it took Crystal a few minutes to convince him it was the right thing for them to do since they were flat broke. Finally he nodded ok and we al went back to Jimmy's. We had Crystal do a striptease for us and she wasn't the least but shy flashing her goods. I got her down on her knees and put my cock in her mouth and this slut was all about business. Crystal's cock sucking was awesome and when I stuck my dick inside her, she became a real whore. She really could have care less that Jeff was there watching her get drilled by a stranger's hard dick. I was ready to explode when I pulled out and shot a creamy load on Crystal's chin. Hey, at least they can have a steak dinner now.

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    Posted: 21:00, 2007-Dec-6
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    Blonde Hottie Whitney Fucks My Black Cock

    I saw this real estate ad with this hot blonde promoting commercial property so I came up with a plan that might get her to do whatever it took to close the deal. I called Whitney a few times on the phone acting as if I was really interested and we agreed to meet at the space I told her I was interested in. She sounded petty new to the business when I had spoken to her, and I figured that would really work to my advantage. When I met her she looked just like the ad, a hot blonde with big tits. We went to the door of the office and Whitney had forgotten the key. She was frantic and begged me not to tell her boss because she was new. I told her not to worry, it was a done deal but she would need to do me a favor to finalize the deal. Whitney knew exactly what I meant and she just smiled and said sure. I took her over to my office, our studio, and Whitney had her clothes off and mouth all over my huge black dick in no time flat. She was a true freak and I like my babes to be dirty and she definitely was. Whitney slid her tight pussy on my stiff cock for a ride and told me she loved fucking my black meat. I busted that white pussy as good as I could before shooting my load onto her tongue. How's that for going out of your way for a sale?

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    Posted: 21:00, 2007-Dec-3
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    XXX Proposal - Sophia Limelli

    A friend of mine turned me on to this chick Sophia and said she would be game for our thousand xxx proposal if she could convince her boyfriend to go along. A sort of blind porn date. I was told she was really sexy so I told Jimmy and he said let's set up a meeting. When we met the couple, Sophia hadn't really explained all the sordid details to her man Steve so she filled in the blanks while we were there. Steve was lost for words at first but surprisingly he didn't put up much resistance. That's was ok with me because Sophia might have been 28 but she had the body of a teenager and I was going to bang her silly. We went back to Jimmy's and we wanted a quick check of the goods so Sophia stripped to her underwear. I could only term her tits spectacular so I unhooked her bra and fondled and sucked those beautiful puppies. I could tell Sophia was a horn dog and she started stroking and sucking my dick until I was like steel. I couldn't wait to stick it inside her so I pulled her legs way apart and slid inside her grinding away. She was totally into getting some new cock in her life and begged me to fuck her hard. I did my best and in as many positions as I could before I fed her mouth my creamy load. This was a blind date I'll remember for a while.

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    Posted: 21:00, 2007-Nov-30
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    Blind date ends in a huge black cock for Tuesday

    Tuesday didn't know what to expect when her friends set her up on a blind date with Taylor. All she knew was that he was good looking and someone that her friends thought would be PERFECT for her. Needless to say, Tuesday was a little nervous when Taylor called. His deep voice was making her knees tremble with anticipation, but it was the way he asked her to come over before the movie that really had her on edge.

    When Tuesday arrived, Taylor was everything she ever wanted. Her friends were right. Tall and handsome and black. There was nothing that Tuesday liked better than a big black cock in her pink white pussy. The air was electric with sexual tension as Taylor grabbed her and started to rub against her body, stopping to pull up her shirt and start to feel her breasts. All natural and huge white tits were exactly what Taylor was looking for.

    But he liked to keep things a little exciting, so out came his favorite white blindfold. "Do you like to play games?" he asked, knowing that she was going to say yes. Tuesday nodded as he tied the blindfold over her eyes and unzipped his pants. She hungrily bent over at his urging, plunging his massive black dick into her mouth, as though she has sucked it hundreds of times before.

    When Taylor couldn't take any more, he turned her around and started thrusting into her from behind. Watching her firm white ass was so hot and Taylor couldn't get enough. As Tuesday moaned in pleasure, she couldn't help but think, "This is the best blind date ever."

    Sweating and exhausted, they dropped onto the couch. They never made it to the movie, but the cumming attractions were certainly worth it.


    Posted: 08:40, 2007-Nov-29
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    Justin Pimps Out his GF for a Grand

    I was at the park one day with Jimmy scouting for a cutie with her man we could persuade to take us up on our sexy 1000 dollar proposal. We saw this totally hot blonde arguing with this guy over at the picnic table when we walked over to investigate a little further. Natalie and Justin lived close by in a crappy apartment complex and were battling about their financial woes. We told them about our temporary fix and Justin wasn't a big fan of the idea right off but Natalie seemed to like the idea. We push came to shove, our offer was finally given the green light and that sure put a smile on my face because Natalie was a babe. We got to Jimmy's place and sat on the couch feeling each other out. Once I pulled Natalie's top down and started sucking on her titties, all bets were off. I took the back of her head and gently pushed it down toward my already stiff member and she sucked it like the slut I knew she was. I drilled her doggie, then she got on top of me and we just fucked all over the place until I busted my load into Natalie's mouth. I like this kind of negotiating.

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    Posted: 21:00, 2007-Nov-22
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    Georgia Gorges on Black Dick.

    All of Georgia's boyfriends had always told her that she gave the best head they had ever gotten. She loved to suck a guy's cock until his eyes rolled back in his head and he covered her lips and tongue with their stick goodness. But Georgia had only ever blown white guys. She was very surprised when she first blew a black man.

    Georgia's new boyfriend was a tall, well-built black guy with an enormous cock. Georgia was such a tiny girl she was a little scared to take on this new, huge cock. But one night, after several cocktails and a lot of persuading, Georgia got on her knees and opened her pink mouth.

    Her boyfriend stuck his enormous black prick between Georgia's pink lips and she gasped at the size. But as she began to bob her head up and down over his huge throbbing shaft, Georgia started to really enjoy having his cock make her open her mouth wider and wider, and she began to deep-throat his prick. But she wanted more: she wanted to feel that gigantic rod buried between her other pink lips.

    Georgia pulled her skirt up and revealed her naked pink pussy. Her boyfriend took the opportunity to roll Georgia over on her hands and knees and take her from behind. Georgia screamed when he entered her; he pushed into her cunt and slowly thrust deeper and deeper, stretching that snatch wider than Georgia thought it could go. As he thrust faster, Georgia felt the head of the black dick hit her spot, and she came all over his cock, covering the black prick with her white cream.

    When he was ready, her boyfriend pulled his cock out of Georgia's pussy and drove it into her asshole. She screamed again, but immediately came with the final thrust as he ejected his hot load of white cum from his black cock deep in her white ass


    Posted: 14:27, 2007-Nov-22
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    This is My Kind of Halloween Party

    Julian had seen our local watering hole filled with Halloween partiers and said he was certain we could find some action in there. He's usually pretty right on about these things so we stopped by but the doorman was giving us a hard time about not wearing costumes. While we were bargaining with Mr. Tightass, these two hotties came to the door too in some sexy attire but not exactly costumes either. They tried to play it off by saying they were dressed as hookers but they just looked sexy as hell to me. I told Nichole and Diana if they wanted to hang and party with us, they were more than welcome. They said why not and off they went with us to our studio. Julian went to the liquor store to buy a few things and by the time he got back, theses babes were down on my big dick sucking me raw. These crazy sluts started kissing each other and it was threesome time for me. I can't even remember all the things we did with each other because the sex got so wild. I just know I was slamming two really nice pussies before Nichole and Diana both hit their knees to taste my hot splooch. Now this was a real party.

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    Posted: 21:00, 2007-Nov-20
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    Scarlett Pain is a Black Cock Loving Slut

    You have a pretty good idea that it's going to be a good day when you're out trying to pick up girls and you snag one about a mile down the road. I was in the backseat of Derek's car when I saw this little hottie driving an Audi so I decided to give her a shout. Instead of blowing me off, she was more than receptive to my come on. She said she was off to lunch but would follow us. We pulled over to the side of the road and I started talking my best rap to cute as hell Scarlett. There definitely was some chemistry between us from the get go so I told her I'd love to get her back to our studio for a sexy photo session. I was sucking on Scarlett's titties as soon as we shut the door. I got out of my clothes quickly and my dick was already stick straight out. Scarlett got right on her knees and stroked and sucked me deep. I grabbed Scarlett by her hips and sat her right down on my big black cock for a ride. She was wild, sucking her pussy juices off my cock before I stuck it back inside her pounding her silly. I had Scarlett spread wide open when I pulled my cock out and shot my load down her throat. Yes, it sure was a good day.

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    Posted: 21:00, 2007-Nov-19
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    Isis Devours Black Cock

    Sissy is a good girl who has a dirty little secret. Sissy likes to go out to the club and pick up strange men, take them home, and let them fuck her tender, young pussy until she cums all over their huge throbbing cocks. But the biggest part of Sissy's secret isn't that she loves to fuck strange men: Sissy only lets black men fuck her little white pussy.

    Sissy found a particularly hot black guy at a club one night and brought him back to her apartment. As soon as they got there, Sissy started doing an erotic strip tease, removing her top and letting her new man squeeze her little white titties. Then she opened her jeans and pulled them down to show him not only that her little white cunt was bare under the denim but that it was completely shaved, too. Her man wanted to fuck her cunt right away, but Sissy insisted that she taste his cock first.

    Taking his huge black rod in her hand, Sissy wrapped her pink lips around the head and massaged the tip with her tongue. She started sliding her mouth up and down the huge black member, taking her man's entire prick into her throat. As she slobbered all over his cock, she knew what she needed next: that big black prick buried deep in her pink pussy.

    Sissy lay down on the couch and threw her legs over her head. She parted her pussy lips with her fingers and stroked her little clit while her big black stallion mounted her and drove his throbbing rod deep between her pink lips. His thrusting girth opened her cunt wider than it had ever been before and soon Sissy was coming all over that fat black cock. Her tightening cunt made his cock pulse, and he quickly pulled out and shot his creamy jizz all over Sissy's pretty white face.


    Posted: 01:08, 2007-Nov-15
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    I'd Fuck for a Brand New Kitchen...Wouldn't You?

    I met this real cute chick Jessica one night at a party and the liquid courage in me filled her in on exactly what I do for a living. Instead of scaring her away Jessica was totally into it, especially the prospect of making some serious cash in a short period of time. There was one obstacle, her boyfriend. I made arrangements to meet Jessica and her boyfriend Chris and asked Jimmy to come along after filling him in on the situation. Jessica didn't exactly fill her man in on all the details of what we shoot. All he knew is they needed to have their kitchen redone and his girlfriend knew a good way to get some quick cash to start the project. When Jessica told him the full scoop, he pretty much lost it. But a thousand bucks is a thousand bucks and with great reservation, Chris gave his approval. I knew Jessica was happy and I could tell she was a horny little slut. My thoughts were validated as soon as I pulled my cock out once we got to Jimmy's and she was on her knees like a gopher, sucking and sliding my meat deep in her throat. Jessica had lots of great curves and a really tight wet pussy that I simply laid the pipe to. She got off so many times I lost count. I'm sure her boyfriend didn't but I didn't care about him, especially after she slurped up my sticky load. The gift of gab and a pocket full of cash is a tough combination to top.

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    Posted: 21:00, 2007-Nov-12
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    Sometimes No Game is the Best Game

    I was so tired but Derek was trying to get me fired up about this hot white chick that was all by herself at the bar. He knows I'm into white pussy so I figured I could give it a shot before I really passed out. We were already in the car but this babe came walking out a little tipsy. I called her over and I was far from my normal charming self, but Amber was digging my vibe for sure. When I invited her to come back with us to the studio, she practically jumped into the car. When we got there, Amber buried her head in my crotch before my pants were even down. She was a true slut and boy that's just how I like them. Once my cock was out, Amber gobbled it up and sucked it deep in the back of her throat. I spread her legs wide apart and slipped inside this little freak's wet slit, pounding away. She liked talking dirty and that's a total turn on for me. We fucked in every position I could think of until I couldn't hold myself anymore and shot my wad into her mouth. Now I'm truly exhausted but with a smile on my face.

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    Posted: 21:00, 2007-Nov-12
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    Lorena Likes Black Cock

    Lorena loves to get fucked, but she won't fuck just anyone. Lorena only likes to fuck big, built, black guys. She loves the way their huge black cocks look penetrating her tight white pussy, and she loves getting down and dirty with a big black man as he takes advantage of her tiny white ass. Lorena really likes black cock!

    Lorena was approached by a tall black guy at the mall and she thought he was very cute. She looked him over and could tell he had a huge cock and he wanted to fuck her, so she asked him if he wanted to come over for a little interracial fuck fest. Of course he agreed, and within minutes of getting to Lorena's apartment, Lorena was pulling down his pants.

    She took his huge black member between her pink lips and ran her mouth all over his hard dick. Licking and sucking his huge cock was terrific; she couldn't believe how big and hard he was. But Lorena needed his cock to fuck her little pink pussy, so she pulled her skirt up and showed him her white twat. She begged him to fuck her as hard as he could, and he obliged.

    Pulling her little thong panties down, Lorena's big black stud grabbed her hips and stuck his cock into her little pussy hole. His huge member stretched her wide, making her moan in pain and pleasure. She begged to get pounded hard, so her man shoved his huge black dick in as deep as he could go, then began to thrust as fast as he could. Lorena loved his hard cock thrusting into her pussy and hitting her special spot; she came all over her man's huge black dick, letting all the pussy juices in her cunt spill out over his black cock and balls and down her white creamy thighs.


    Posted: 07:46, 2007-Nov-8
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    MrBigDicksHotChicks - Krystal Steele

    I don't normally bother Julian and ask him to grab the camera on a Saturday but I met a real hottie at a bar and after a few cocktails, she was ready to check out the studio. Krystal was sexy but a true freak. When I told her what I did for a living, I think she started to get wet right there. I barely touched Krystal when we went inside the studio and she was dropping her clothes all over. Her body was smokin and I just had to get a taste of her shaved snatch. It sure was moist and tasty and Krystal wasted no time getting my cock hard as a rock with her mouth. I grabbed her by her hips and slid her pussy down on my dick as Krystal rode me like a naughty cowgirl. Krystal turned around with her ass high in the air as I drilled her deep doggie style before fucking everyway I could think of after that. I had Krystal pinned against the side of the sofa with her legs spread wide open when I felt ready to explode. Krystal got down on her knees as I shot a creamy treat into her mouth. Julian wasn't disappointed that I called him.

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    Posted: 21:00, 2007-Nov-7
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    Jay's a Straight Up Pimp

    Jay and Brooke were leaving the video store when Jimmy approached them for a supposed survey he was doing. I think they only thing he wanted to survey was Brooke because she had a tight slender body that wouldn't quit. They had rented a couple of mainstream selections but the store was more noted for porn and, of course, that became the topic of Jimmy's so called survey. Jay was collecting workman's comp for an injury and had little going on so Jimmy asked the couple to go to a porn set he was filming for some afternoon fun. Little did Brooke know that she was going to be the star of the shoot. All three of them came back to my place and since there was actually no girl coming by, Jimmy told the couple she cancelled but Brooke could fill in nicely. They were stunned initially at the proposal but when Jimmy mentioned the money involved, Brooke suddenly turned into a porn star. She got naked and I buried my face right into her neatly trimmed box. Brooke sucked my dickblasted my load right in on her stomach and Jay collected the cash. I wonder how movie night at home turned out for those two?

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    Posted: 21:00, 2007-Nov-5
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    Welcome to the Porn Valley Roxie.

    This really cute chick was sitting on the step in the back of a warehouse building when Derek and I first noticed her. I was really horny for some young white pussy and she looked like she met all my criteria. Roxie was outside taking a break from her job she had just started after moving to the Valley all the way from Montana. She didn't seem too happy and she wasn't making much money but she was friendly so that was a good start. I asked Roxie to hang out with us but she said she had to go back to work so I handed her a business card and told her to call us if she was interested in making some serious cash. I left no doubt what we did and sure enough, she called and said she would stop by. When the doorbell rang and I saw it was Roxie, I knew she was down for the plan. I shot a few pictures as her clothes kept coming off and before I knew it, she was sucking on my big black cock. Roxie was one horny slut as she jumped on my dick for a ride and it was on from there as I pounded her tight little white pussy all over that couch. She was bouncing up and down my hard meat like crazy before I blew my load on her face.

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    Posted: 21:00, 2007-Oct-29
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    Aaliyah Jolie Digs Big Black Cock

    Sometime first impressions can tell you a lot so when Derek and I met this leggy blonde chick Aaliyah coming out of the movie theatre, I had a good feeling I would be black dick deep in some nice white pussy in a matter of minutes. I told her we were looking for some high quality models for a photo shoot back at our studio and without any hesitation at all, Aaliyah said she'd be happy to give it a shot. Things were just as easy when we got to the studio because I had her naked with my tongue and finger working her pink slit before we had a chance to sit down. I pulled out my big black dick and Aaliyah did her best getting that thick hard monster in her mouth and down her throat. This girl was a true freak and I love nasty white bitches like her. She was begging for my big meat to fuck her but it sure was a tight squeeze. Aaliyah got on top of me and I eased it inside but once we got rolling, she was all lubed up and banging her ass while sliding up and down my shaft. I had her jacked up in all kinds of positions, slamming her hard as I could before I got her on her knees for my massive jizz finish in her mouth. I just knew Aaliyah was going to be a show stopper.

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    Posted: 21:00, 2007-Oct-18
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    Lexi Bends Over For Black Cock

    Lexi loves black men. She will only fuck a black guy because she just loves the way they can fill her up with their huge hard pricks. Lexi has had sex with many different black men, but the one who she will always remember was not a boyfriend or even an acquaintance. He was a porn star that she met while shooting an amateur porn movie.

    She thought he was incredibly handsome, and when he took off his pants and showed her his enormous cock, she thought her was even hotter. Just the sight of that huge, hard black rod was more than enough for Lexi to strip off her own clothes, revealing her little white tits and her pink pussy lips. She wanted that black cock buried deep in her cunt, so she was sure to spread her long, thin thighs wide for her partner to show off the perfect white twat he was going to get to fuck.

    After he got a glimpse of Lexi's tight hole, he wanted to fuck her, but knew he should feel her mouth first. Lexi obliged by getting on her knees in front of him and taking his whole dick between her pink lips. She sucked his rod, letting her tongue massaged his shaft as she slid up and down on his prick. Finally, when he knew he couldn't hold on anymore, he pulled Lexi's mouth away from his prick and bent her over on the couch.

    With her ass in the air, Lexi spread her lass cheeks open so the camera could get a good look as her partner's huge black dick penetrated her tight little white pussy. As her partner went deeper and deeper into her snatch, Lexi groaned and opened herself further, letting him in just a little more. Soon he was pounding her hard, hitting her special spot with every thrust until Lexi's pussy flooded her thighs with her orgasm juices. Lexi's partner pulled his cock from Lexi's twat and stroked himself until her sprayed his white load of cum all over Lexi's white face.



    Posted: 12:47, 2007-Oct-4
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    Click to see all the hot xxx action!

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